3D doge racing on the Solana blockchain, start racing in seconds.


Run Doge Run!

The first of it’s kind P2E racing game with a metaverse of different Track NFTs and a stable of Doge NFTs to race and breed. Doges & Tracks can be staked for $DTRK and Track owners get a percentage of the prize pool from each race that happens on their track. Doges can be raced for $DTRK, $SOL, $DUST and more.



Digital Doge Racing

  • 3D Doge Racing Game
  • Race for $DTRK, $DUST, $SOL, & more
  • Own a Track & Host Races
  • Promote Your NFT Community
  • The First Dog Racing Game on ANY Chain

Buy a Doge and Start Racing in Seconds


Doge Track is a P2E Doge Racing game that runs on the Solana Blockchain. Our game consists of 2 NFTs: Doges & Tracks along with our utility token $DTRK. Doge owners can use their doges to race on tracks for different prize pools and track owners can create and manage lobbies that doges race on. Prize pools for all races are split 80/20 between the winning doge and the track owners. $DTRK is our utility token that makes the whole ecosystem work and has a large variety of uses across the entire network. Doges can be raced for $SOL, $DUST, & $DTRK and races are ongoing on all available tracks on a 24/7 basis. Genesis doges can also be bred to create Gen2 doges in the future.

Doges will be used as characters in the game to race on the Doge Track network. Each doge will have individual race characteristics related to it’s breed and will have unique visual properties as well. The doge’s race traits will determine the likelihood of the doges ability to win races (this will also be dependent on the types of tracks and other variables in our algorithm). We will only have 1 doge mint, all future doges must be created through breeding. There are 3333 total Gen1 Doges, each Gen1 Doge NFT is a Solana based SPL token with mutable properties. Doge NFTs are fully animated 3D NFTs with unique visual traits along with specific race properties that are stored in Solana PDAs. The race traits of a doge consist of speed, endurance, and agility. A Doge's lineage will determine it's base race traits, which can be upgraded in our Doge-O using $DTRK.

There are a total of 333 Genesis Track NFTs in the Doge Track network. Track NFT owners can host their own Doge races in in $SOL, $DUST, $DTRK & other tokens that any Doge NFT owner can join based on their class. Tracks can be customized and upgraded to add entice more doges to race or to bring in communities from different projects. Track owners receive 20% of the prize pool from every race that happens on their track. Track NFT owners are the backbone of the Doge Track network and control the races that are happening on the network at all times.

$DTRK is the coin of the Doge Track network that will also be used for doge breeding, doge upgrades, and track upgrades. All $DTRK used in transactions in our track mint, breeding, and upgrades will be burned.

Our goal is to be the easiest and funnest race-to-earn game on any chain.